Student Extramural Funding


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Kimberly Burgess
(Skaar Lab) 
Age-related changes in
microRNA expression
effect on drug metabolism
in human liver
NIH-NIGMS  (F31) April 2016
Kaice LaFavers
(Arrizabalaga Lab) 

The role of a novel dense granule   protein in calcium-dependent
signaling in Toxoplasma gondii

American Heart Association
Predoctoral Fellowship
January 2016
Cindy Barbosa Nuñez
(Cummins Lab) 
FHF2A and FHF2B in sensory neurons: potential regulators of resurgent currents National Institutes of Health Predoctoral Fellowship March 2015
Leah Padgett
(Sullivan Lab) 
TgElp3: a novel mitochondrial   acetyltransferase and drug target
in the heart pathogen Toxoplasma gondii  
American Heart Association
Predoctoral Fellowship
July 2015
Joe Varberg
(Sullivan Lab)  
Regulators of parasite autophagy
as novel drug targets for infectious disease 
PhRMA Foundation  
Predoctoral Fellowship
January 2015

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